REFORM Design Process

Ever since the introduction of paper bills over 300 years ago, the classic bi-fold has become the standard wallet design. While daily carry demands have changed drastically throughout the centuries, the predominant layout, material and features have pretty much stayed the same.

In order to create the wallet of the 21st century, we questioned pre-existing assumptions and started from scratch. The result: two minimalist, functional and highly durable wallets that are engineered to last a lifetime while never going out of style.

In this article, we give you an insight into our engineering process. We talk about the features of our wallets, why we chose them and how they benefit you. 

Unique Form

As our brand name, RE:FORM®, suggests, we place significant emphasis on the form of our wallets. It reflects our core values minimalism, functionality and durability. The starting point of our design process was a simple credit card.

Subsequently, we added the coin compartment, the magnetic closure mechanism, the welded seams and bar tacks. Each feature was selected with optimal functionality in mind, while maintaining a sleek design. Gradually, our final framework emerged: a wallet slightly larger than the cards it holds.

Spacious Coin Pouch

The coin compartment is without a doubt the core feature of the RE:01 Coin Sleeve. Originating from Germany, a nation where coins remain essential, our aim was to create a solution that not only securely stores coins but also enhances the wallet's versatility. We designed this pouch to offer additional space for a key or an AirTag without compromising the wallet’s sleekness. Its closure mechanism opens upon pressure to both sides and snaps back firmly upon release. Thereby keeping your belongings safe and providing a clear view of the contents while maintaining a slim profile.

No more struggling with tiny zippers or coin compartments that are way too small. The RE:01 coin pouch simply does what it is supposed to - and it does it exceptionally well.

Magnetic Closure

Both of our minimalist wallets feature a magnetic closure mechanism. This makes sure the cards and bills are safely secured inside the wallet. These magnets provide not only convenience but also a satisfying experience when opening and closing, granting easy access to your belongings whenever necessary. We opted for extremely thin magnetic strips to maintain the wallet's slim profile, contributing to the elegant, seamless design of our RE:FORM® wallets. Don’t worry, the magnets do not interfere with credit card functionality.

Highly-Durable Material

The material stands out as one of the most crucial features of a wallet. We wanted our items to be lightweight, super sturdy and as slim as possible. We found all these qualities in our RE:FINE™-material that is derived from the military. This chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber is 10x more durable than leather, waterproof and tear-resistant despite being only 0.7mm thick. Crafted from this exceptional material, our RE:01 and RE:02 wallets guarantee durability and sophistication that lasts.

Another advantage of our RE:FINE™ material: Durability doesn't compromise weight. At only 34 grams, the RE:01 is a true lightweight, surpassed only by the RE:02, which weighs just 23 grams.

Welded Seams

At RE:FORM®, we chose welded seams instead of traditional sewn seams. They outshine commonly used stitching in numerous ways, as they offer exceptional durability, resist fraying and maintain structural integrity over time. Their seamless design enhances water resistance and durability against wear and tear. Plus, the absence of visible stitching gives a sleek, modern look while reinforcing security by eliminating potential weak points. In essence, wallets with welded seams excel in longevity, functionality and style compared to those with traditional sewn seams. They add an extra layer of resilience to our RE:FORM® wallets, enhancing their ability to withstand everyday use.

Timeless Design

At RE:FORM®, minimalism not only applies to the composition but also to the design of our wallets. Throughout the design process, we paid meticulous attention to detail, striving for a clean, high-class and timeless look. Our items have no visible outside branding and come in one colorway only. Alongside the distinct form of our wallets, the welded seams and bar tacks serve as integral design elements. The bar tacks reinforce high stress areas while also adding a pop of color to the otherwise monochrome wallet. The welded seams contribute to the streamlined appearance of our wallets while enhancing their durability. Once again, this showcases how RE:FORM® merges functionality with design.