simplify your wallet - minimalist edc

At RE:FORM®, we often hear from individuals who love the sleek design of our minimalist wallets but hesitate due to concerns about limited storage capacity. If you're considering making the switch to a slim wallet but feel uncertain about where to begin, we've curated a set of practical tips to ease your transition.

1. Find Your Why

Minimalist wallets offer many more advantages than just a sleek look. They promote enhanced efficiency and encourage carrying only what's truly necessary. If you're new to the topic, delve into our blog article about minimalist everyday carry (EDC), exploring the numerous benefits and functionalities minimalist everyday carry gear offers.

2. Identify Your Wallet Essentials

Start by taking stock of your wallet's contents. Consider what you absolutely need to carry daily. Pare down to essentials like your ID, key cards, and other frequently used cards. For occasional-use cards, explore digital alternatives or leave them at home to lighten your load.

3. Utilize Digital Options

Optimize your wallet by transferring cards onto your phone. Utilize digital payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other digital services whenever possible. This shift towards digital transactions reduces the necessity for physical cards and cash.

4. Scan and Store Loyalty Cards

Streamline your wallet further by scanning and storing loyalty cards on your smartphone. Various apps facilitate the digitization of these cards, decluttering your wallet without compromising on rewards or benefits.

5. Utilize Multi-Functional Minimalist Wallets

Once you've simplified and identified your essentials, find the right minimalist wallet to suit your needs. Check for card capacity and seek multi-functional features.

For instance, our RE:01 (also known as our AirTag wallet) includes a spacious coin pouch capable of holding not just coins but also keys, an AirTag, spare contact lenses or even back-up batteries.


Transitioning to a minimalist wallet is about optimizing what you carry without sacrificing functionality. After decluttering and digitizing your cards, the right minimalist wallet can make a significant difference: Multi-functional minimalist wallets, like our RE:01 AirTag Wallet with Coin Pouch and our RE:02 Ultra Slim Card Holder, adapt to your needs. Our wallets feature magnetic closures and ample compartments for essentials, ensuring maximum utility in a sleek, compact design.