minimalist wallet with coin pocket

Many people associate minimalist wallets with the notion that they don’t accommodate much. While we wholeheartedly embrace the concept of minimalism and the benefits of carrying only the essentials, at RE:FORM®, our minimalist design extends beyond simplicity. We strive to provide intelligent solutions that introduce versatility and functionality without compromising the sleek and efficient nature of minimalist design.

A Distinctive Feature:
The Coin Compartment in a Minimalist Wallet

One distinctive feature sets our RE:01 Coin Sleeve apart from other minimalist wallets – the coin compartment. Surprisingly absent in many other brands, this compartment serves as a testament to our commitment to functionality. While carrying coins might not be a common practice in the U.S., it remains a necessity in countries like Japan and Germany. Rather than dismissing the need for coins, we choose to provide a smart solution, acknowledging the global diversity in everyday currency needs. However, even for those who do not carry cash, our coin compartment is a useful addition that enhances the functionality of our slim wallets.

AirTag Wallet

In an era where tracking your belongings is crucial, the coin compartment transforms our RE:01 slim wallet into an AirTag wallet. Simply place an AirTag into the coin pouch and you will never lose track of your wallet again.

A Pocket for Life's Unpredictabilities

Life is full of surprises and our coin compartment is prepared for the unexpected. Use it to discreetly carry emergency essentials like painkillers, band-aids, or spare batteries for medical devices such as hearing aids, as well as other necessities like contact lenses. Your RE:FORM® wallet adapts to your needs and ensures you are ready for whatever life throws your way.

A Space for Your Keys

Ever find yourself fumbling for your keys in the depths of your bag or pocket? With our minimalist wallet with a coin compartment, your keys have a designated and easily accessible space. Simplify your daily routine with a wallet that keeps your essentials organized.

Embrace Minimalism Without Sacrificing Versatility

Our commitment to minimalist design doesn't dismiss the need for practicality. Instead, we celebrate the beauty of carrying only what you truly need while offering a versatile solution for those additional essentials. The RE:FORM RE:01 minimalist wallet with a coin compartment is a testament to the marriage of form and function.

Whether you're in search of an AirTag wallet, a spacious minimalist wallet, or a slim wallet with a coin compartment - RE:FORM has your everyday carry needs covered as the RE:01 Coin Sleeve simply adapts to your needs. Explore our collection and redefine the way you carry – smart, sleek, and ready for anything life brings your way.